Our Mission

Triangle Associates helps its clients understand and respond to the challenges they confront in a rapidly changing world. Our professionals consult to develop healthy organizations that better serve the public.

Our Expertise

Over the past 20 years, Triangle helped write the book on strategic planning for NAIS. We created the NAIS Leadership Institute and Aspiring Heads program, and facilitate it on an ongoing basis.

We are specialists in measuring leadership, governance and performance on strategy using our own and other instruments and have traveled the world working with heads, boards and schools.

Our years of experience—from evaluating heads to running board retreats to assessing enrollment to preparing leaders—puts us in a unique position to assess and strengthen your school.

Marc T. Frankel, Ph.D.

Partner and Senior Consultant

Dr. Marc Frankel, Ph. D. is a Senior Consultant and partner in Triangle Associates, an international consultancy specializing in higher, independent and international education. A psychologist by training, Dr. Frankel facilitates governance workshops, leadership development programs, and strategic planning in the United States and around the world, and coaches numerous senior leaders in universities and independent schools. His clients include schools in Europe, Asia and North America, including large and small institutions and Tier 1 universities.

Among his accomplishments are the development of evaluation methodologies for governing boards and senior academic and administrative leaders, co-founding the School Leadership Institute for the National Association of Independent Schools, and authoring or co-authoring numerous articles and white papers on issues in governance and leadership of schools and universities. Dr. Frankel is a member of the governing board at the Wildwood School (Los Angeles), and he lives in St. Louis with his wife, Jacqueline. Their son, Alex, lives and works in Los Angeles.

Dr. Frankel’s undergraduate degree is from the University of Utah, and he completed his Masters and Ph.D. at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Frankel has been part of Triangle Associates for over 18 years.

Dr. Frankel can be reached via e-mail at marc@ta-stl.com

Judith L. Schechtman, M.S.W.

Partner and Senior Consultant

Judith Schechtman, M.S.W. is a Senior Consultant and a principal in Triangle Associates, St. Louis, an international consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational management. One of the founders of the School Leadership Program and the Institute for Aspiring Heads for the National Association of Independent Schools, Ms. Schechtman has written and researched extensively on a broad spectrum of topics related to governance and leadership. Her clients include schools across North America, Europe and Central America.

Ms. Schechtman facilitates governance workshops, leadership development programs, and strategic planning in the United States and around the world. She also serves as executive coach for senior leaders in universities, independent and international schools. Formerly an adjunct professor at Washington University in the graduate school of Social Work for 15 years, Ms. Schechtman has designed and developed assessment methodologies for boards, heads and senior leaders in independent and international schools.

Ms. Schechtman received her BA in psychology from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL and her graduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis. She currently resides in St Louis with her husband, Richard. Their daughter lives and works in Washington, D.C. She has been co-owner of Triangle Associates of St. Louis since 1999.

Ms. Schechtman may be reached via e-mail at judy@ta-stl.com

Abigail DeLessio

Senior Consultant
Abigail DeLessio has led two school boards, including five years chairing the Board of Managers at Hong Kong International School (HKIS), one of the premier independent schools in Asia. Abbi has served with five heads of school and has expertise in governance, board development, leadership search, strategic planning and operations management. Abbi uses her successful experience in governing independent schools, working closely with school leadership to maximize strengths and identify opportunities for differentiation and growth to help schools advance their missions.
In addition to provide leadership and governance to independent schools, Ms. DeLessio also supports educational initiatives in Hong Kong through her work with the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham).  Abbi is a charter member of AmCham’s Education Affairs Group, focusing on advocacy efforts dedicated to ensuring Hong Kong achieves and maintains the highest quality education system offering the highest standards of instruction and she is also a co-chair of AmCham’s Education Committee, providing operational and tactical support for the Educational Affairs Group’s strategic initiatives. Ms. DeLessio also supports the expansion of provisions for Hong Kong’s children with special educational needs through work with The Watchdog Early Learning Centre, a pre-school centre for children with special educational needs and other organizations that advocate for the educational rights of individuals with special educational needs. Abbi earned her undergraduate degree in Economics from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.  She and her husband, Tim, live in Hong Kong and have two daughters: Alli, a student at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and Maggie, a student at Hong Kong International School.

Catherine Raaflaub, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant
Catherine Raaflaub Ph.D., is an independent and international school leader who has served in K-12 schools from her home in Canada to the US, Australia and the Middle East. She has held a wide range of teaching, administrative and residential positions, including successful headships where she built positive relationships and strong community partnerships. She is a curriculum developer, a community builder, an idea generator and strategic thinker, with a keen grasp on program development for faculty, students and parents. She holds a CFRE and is recognized for her ability to inspire and lead sustainable strategic change in diverse academic, organizational and community settings.