Can Managers Keep Up with the Brave New World of Work?

The Gallup Organization closely tracks changes in the workplace and Adam Hickman and Ryan Pendell describe four ways tomorrow is already here in this blog post:

  • More flexible workspaces: 74% of employees have the ability to move to different areas to do their work
  • More flexible work time: 52% of employees say they have some choice over when they work
  • More remote working: 43% of employees work away from their team at least some of the time.
  • More matrixed teams: 84% of employees are matrixed to some extent.

Their argument is that traditional management is inadequate for this brave new world, meaning that not only is work changing at the front lines but it is changing even more for managers. No wonder so many great schools are engaging students, even in elementary school, in similar ways of working.

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