Mission Accomplished

A school that undertakes a radical change to its operations and mission can benefit by allying with Triangle over the long term. Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with a school head in a major European capital as she systematically overhauled an entrenched, traditional school that was plagued with stagnant programming and disappointing IB results.

With an extensive book of deferred maintenance and a large body of retired-in-place personnel, the head’s vision for the future took most of a decade to accomplish. Triangle’s primary task was to help the head develop a sequential plan for the school’s improvement and to track her progress over successive years as various crises and setbacks arose. We partnered in the strategy and implementation of her goals, providing guidance through years of complicated interactions that transformed the school into a first rate institution.

Beside the balance sheet and school performance issues, one of the toughest challenges was to deal with unionized teachers who were adverse to change and who, in fact, were agitating the parent body and other teachers against the board and head. We helped formulate tactics for tackling each issue the head faced, including organizing compliance with international accreditation requirements, managing the preferences and biases of a diverse parent body, and working with a board made up of UN and Embassy heads whose appointments moved them in and out of the country’s capital in three year stints.

Triangle helped the head articulate her mission to the board, and stood by her side as she rewrote the school’s by-laws and replaced an adverse group of administrators. Keeping the board informed and engaged was a critical piece of her success, especially when battling the teacher’s union and withstanding lawsuits from the teachers who had been let go.  In a volatile environment, Triangle can help keep all constituencies aligned so that the initiative at stake can thrive. We are proud to report that the institution is now the #1 school of choice in that major European city.