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The Disequilibrium of Change

A 2011 book by Winifred Gallagher, New: Understanding Our Need for Novelty and Change, elegantly points out the harsh duality of how humans relate to change. On the one hand, we have a built-in affinity for seeking the new, something … READ MORE

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One More Reason Why Leadership Matters

On-site this week for the NAIS Aspiring Heads Leadership Institute in Atlanta and grappling with the big questions of leading and following in academia. Leadership matters, always, but perhaps a bit more so in educational institutions. A transferential relationship forms … READ MORE

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Rest in Peace, Dad

My father died last week. I was with him during his final days and at the end, and would have had it no other way. Friends told me that the passing of a parent is a right of one's own … READ MORE

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The Trifecta

Is the convergence between pedagogy, talent development for teachers, and the age of students. Some pedagogies–Montessori comes to mind–have built-in higher ratios of students to teachers (more efficiency). Some teachers are capable of handling larger numbers of students (more productivity). … READ MORE

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Why We Retreat

Los Angeles–Today was the annual board retreat at Wildwood School where I am a trustee. Like most board retreats in independent and international schools, it was first and foremost an opportunity for the members to spend a day talking about … READ MORE

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Leadership Matters

Does leadership matter? How important is the CEO, say, in charting organizational strategy? Could, in effect, anyone lead without the same results? Tim Harford, the economist author of Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure, is better than most at … READ MORE

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