The Shift Is On!

Do you hear it? That noise? It is the sound of a shift happening in what boards are focusing on as the 2020-21 school year comes to an exhausted close. No, I don’t mean that boards are shifting to the next (and recurring) crisis du jour (at least in the United States) about race relations. Rather, smart independent and international school boards are preparing to pivot from crisis containment to plotting a course to a future that will be different from anything you imagined just a few months ago.

We agree with Pat Lencioni, writing in Chief Executive, that during the crisis:

We seem to be getting more done with less polishing, tweaking and fretting—and it’s actually a lot more gratifying. This happened because our goals become clearer and the stakes become higher during a crisis, allowing us to ignore silos and find ways to create and implement solutions without overthinking, nitpicking and fear of failure. We’re not insisting on perfection but focusing on the essential elements of a product or program and moving quickly.

It would be very cool indeed if every school could identify what it has learned about itself through COVID-19 that it would like to carry forward. What would the leaders at your school say?

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