Overview of Services

Our years of experience, coupled with our deep knowledge of private, independent and international education, put us in a unique position to help your school adapt, change and grow. Everything we do aligns the right leadership with exceptional governance and a winning strategy to drive outcomes, enrollment and sustainable resources.

We start by listening to your school’s story and together we will customize a plan to provide the tools and services that will help you manage the present and adapt for the future. Explore below to learn more and read our case studies for examples of how customization can work for you.

Click here to send us a note about the opportunities and challenges you face. Either Marc Frankel, Judy Schechtman, or Abbi DeLessio will be in touch to continue the conversation.


We integrate strategy and marketing by rooting our work in a data-driven analysis of demography, economic and industry trends, and markers of school success. We leave clients with a unique process for re-calibrating goals and strategies to ensure ongoing freshness and relevance.

Demographic Analysis

Demography is destiny for the education business. Understanding how your local market stands to change with regard to numbers of school-age children and families with sufficient resources to afford the school's tuition is essential for developing strategy.

Market Analysis

We provide state-of-the-science ways to gauge the attractiveness of a new or existing market and to understand new and evolving threats as they relate to the organization's mission, strengths and weaknesses. We believe that strategic decisions need to be based on data, not anecdotal or "gut" instincts alone. Our sophisticated analytic tools gather and sift market data to help you make informed decisions about determining what success will look like in an unstable, difficult-to-predict world.

Strategic Planning

Our approach is flexible, integrated, powerful, data-rich, and successful. We link mission, vision, priorities, people, money and the physical plant in a flexible system for making strategy. Our goal is to augment capabilities within the existing school rather than becoming redundant with them, and we employ any or all of the tools in our toolbox -- from trend-tracking, focus groups and demographic analyses, strategy making workshops and subsequent writing and formatting of documents -- to roll out the marketing plan, benchmark progress and help schools recalibrate and refresh their research on an annual basis.


We employ a suite of tools including online and in-person seminars, board and head evaluation instruments, and consultations to raise the performance bar for independent school trustees. Our services are tailored to every type of board and every stage of board development.

Governance Consultation and Workshops

Whether your governing board is at the peak of performance or needs the intensive therapy by "the board doctor," Triangle Associates has the right governance solution. Our approach to governance is anchored in decades of field experience, well-established principles of good practice, and a robust theory of governance for the nonprofit sector. Our Essentials for Governance seminar is a series of modules of varying length and form.  
Governance 102 (because no one thinks they need the 101 course)
Developing the "Trust" in Trusteeship includes roles, requirements, fiduciary obligations, boundary issues, critical success factors and good practices for individual members and boards as a whole. For boards that want to ensure that they master the fundamentals.  
Governance 301
How Exceptional Boards Add Value is a deep exploration of leveraging factors that can multiple the value that exceptional boards add to their organizations. For the healthy board that wants to "take governance to the next level."
Governance by Design Workshop
A survey of governance benchmarks for your specific school, measured against industry standards for great schools, along with a discussion of the pros and cons of board size, composition, meeting frequency, committee structures and more. For the board that wants to fine tune its governance.
Strategy by Design Workshop
An update, refreshed four times per year, on hot topics and emerging strategic challenges, plus a board goal calibration exercise to ensure high impact governance in concert with the school's strategic plan. For boards that want to build strategic thinking and acting as core competencies.

Board Effectiveness Survey 5.0

Triangle's exclusive tool for conducting annual evaluations of board and individual members incorporates all of the major elements of good practice. Our survey, which is in its fifth release, allows members to gauge the board at its fiduciary, strategic and generative roles and asks each member to conduct an individual self-evaluation of their own performance.

Head Evaluation Inventory 7.0

We developed and use the industry-standard instrument for collecting 360-degree feedback on the performance of a head of school, probing all areas of head performance and asking respondents to prioritize among 14 domains of school leadership. The Head Evaluation Inventory is psychometrically robust, research validated, and gathers both retrospective and proactive feedback on strengths and potential areas for growth. The assessment is available as a stand-alone product or in tandem with Triangle's expert interpretation and feedback to the board and head.

Customized Board Professional Development

When only a highly customized session on a specific topic or a consultation about a unique challenge will suffice, Triangle will develop a board education session that focuses exclusively on the issues most important to your board. Contact us for a conversation about how we can help.


We believe that education is one of the most leadership-sensitive industries. Because we also believe leadership to be more personal than positional, we focus on building leadership capacity at the top, in the middle and in the bottom of our client organizations.

Leadership Assessments

Triangle Associates has its own exclusive 360-degree instruments, each psychometrically validated and researched, and Marc Frankel and Judy Schechtman are both certified in the administration of numerous other best-in-class assessments from leading publishers. Our strength at assessing and developing leadership using just the right instrument is one reason so many schools and organizations come to us first for building their leadership development programs. Click here to view a list of all the proprietary instruments we are licensed to use.

Customized Programs

We create totally customized in-person, online and blended leadership development experiences for individuals and teams of any size.